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Fitness from A to Z

What I Offer

Pick which one you think you need


Workout Programs

Customized Workouts

Get a custom made workout program tailored for your needs that will help you achieve your dream body in no time.


Meal Plan

Customized meal plan

A custom meal plan will help give the proper nutrients and energy your body needs to keep you feeling healthy and looking good

One on One Training

Have me with you every step of the way

One on one training is exactly how it sounds. You get to have me explain you everything you need to know to achieve your goals


About Me

My name is Abdullah Zafar and this is my story. I've been overweight for most of my childhood and I wanted to do something to change that. Like most people in my situation, it led me to the gym. However, after  a couple of months, I noticed that it did not change my physique and instead, I weighed more than I did before I started. This sent me in a spiral of confusion, being only 14 and not able to afford a personal trainer of any sort, I decided to go on the internet hoping that this would resolve the issue. Unfortunately, it made it worse, I became even more confused. There are a gazillion different diets and workouts and I did not know which ones were right for me. Fast track to where I am today, through MANY years of trial and error I was able to find the perfect balance not only for me, but for many other people at an AFFORDABLE price. Even a 14 year old could afford it! It was one of the reason why I started AZfitness. For the young adults who are confused and don't know where to start their fitness journey. You don't have to spend years trying to figure it out like I did.

Client Testimonials


"Zafar is a great coach! He really knows how to push you to your limits. If you're looking to make muscle growth, his workout plans are A1! His knowledge in exercises and in targeting specific muscle groups is exceptional!

Omar Dabayeh

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